Artist’s Statement

nadine-3hThis new set of work has been greatly influenced by Bahamian Culture in an abstract state. This is quite evident in her vivid mixed media pieces. The pieces play on the elemental value of our national  festival, Junkanoo. Excitement is manifested in the movement of color and use of materials.

It has been observed that some of her paintings impart Bahamian Past as seen in “Miss Audrey”, “ Mr. Claire” and “the Honeymooners”. The use of repetition in color and line clearly show her influence for African textile as is a part of her influence to create.

“Despite our divergences as a people, I feel that art is what we all have in common. I think the matter of art is the matter of life. It is about being a creator. Every world culture celebrates its uniqueness in artistic expressions and it has been my intent to express my personal experiences about my culture in my work.

Aesthetics, Folklore and Music are areas of artistic creativity. The culture from our ancestors as seen in these areas suggests that a new and more vibrant culture is ascending through the arts. In Bahamian culture, art is evolving to a new and expressive way to define what we create from the spirit.

In my paintings, prints and drawings I create an atmosphere that would perhaps reflect the fundamental essence of Bahamian Africanism that rest with in a world view. This view is founded not on the color of one’s skin but an inner color permeated by shapes of thoughts that enables people of all races to congregate and appreciate each other in spite of varying historical and personal circumstances.”

In her paintings she explores the use of repetition color, pattern and textures. For her it speaks of one’s character –“Many layers make up an individual, circumstances help to define a person”.

Nadine uses abstract methods of handling paint and mixed media materials. Her abstraction gives you just a hint of what the subject matter is about she allows you to figure out the rest!

“My inspiration for “Feel the rhythm’’ is my absolute love for the Bahamas and what it offers! Color and Culture. I am a Bahamian who loves switcha, potato bread, roast corn, flour cake, dilly, boil crab, three rock outside cooking and colonial style houses with a porch in front. I lived with my grandmother for a few years in Cat Island and those were some of the best years of my childhood. I still love the idea however of experimenting with new things. I can be unpredictable and exciting, free and sometimes conservative. I explore new and different ideas that I think will stir my artistic intellect to expand and at the same time enhance my creativity.

nadine-munroe-020The visual narratives my photographic collages dissolves the boundaries of time; they connect the past with this generation through its visual uniqueness and attempts to bring them back to life.”